"World Art Geography" International Forum of Arts

The international forum of arts and exhibition-competition "Art Geo Awards" are open to artists, masters and photographers from all over the world.

Exhibition dates: June 28 - July 3, 2022,
Registration deadline: until June 23, 2022 (inclusive).
Vernissage: June 28, 2022, 17.00. Finish: July 3, 2022, 16.00.
Venue: Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists (St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya St., 38)

The topic of 2022: "The world we love"

We accept works of art for the competition which show country spirit loved by the author. We invite you to share your love and present your works of art reflecting either nature, architecture or culture, in which the viewer will see a multidimensional cross-section of modern multinational life, in all its beauty and diversity, a riot of boundless imagination in the national colour and richness of the inner world.

Share your personal experiences and love for any country located on six continents: Europe, Asia, South or North America, Africa, Near East or Australia.


Forms of participation: OFFLINE (in PERSON) and ONLINE (in ABSENTIA)

Exhibition topics:
1) Art Geography of Europe
3) Art Geography of Asia
4) Art Geography of Russia
5) Art Geography of the Near East
6) Art Geography of North and South America
7) Art Geography of Australia and Oceania

Sections of exhibition:
1) Competition of painting
2) Competition of graphic arts
3) Competition of photography
4) Competition of sculpture
5) Competition of arts&crafts and textiles

"Architecture", "Nature", "Human".

The project will show multidimensional image of contemporary multinational life in all its diversity of shapes, styles and genres. It will present the originality of national consciousness in variety of forms.
Artists , masters, photographers from any country can take part in the project.

Within the limits of the International World Forum of Arts “Art Geo Award” is traditionally held intense business program that includes great educational program by way of workshops, lectures, art meetings and round-table discussions and presentations on the topic of unique geographic features of culture and arts.

It has become a tradition to gather representatives of different participating countries to the opening ceremony and to the Advisory Committee.

Participating countries: For the competition are accepted artworks that represent nature, architecture, culture and national spirit of one part of the world: Europe, Asia, America, Africa, the Near East, Australia.